The mission of Strength In Gymnastics is to help provide a multi-disciplinary approach to gymnastics training, working together with technical gymnastics coaches, physiotherapists & nutritionists to produce healthy, strong & resilient athletes capable of career longevity, producing well rounded young adults irrespective of their level of performance.  Furthermore, we aim to educate gymnastics coaches about the role structured & periodised strength & conditioning can play throughout a gymnast’s career using a combination of research, science & practical experience in order to produce an evidence-based approach to our work whilst dispelling perpetuated myths about strength training.  

gymnast lifting weights


Hello, I’m Emma Archer creator of Strength In Gymnastics.

I am Strength & Conditioning Coach with an MSc in Strength & Conditioning Science.  I have years of experience providing strength and conditioning coaching to both youth and adult athletes in addition to being a British Weightlifting Coach & Personal Trainer.   I have just completed a research project on the effect of weightlifting pulling derivatives on vault performance & kinematics in female youth artistic gymnasts which won a prize for the best oral presentation at the 2019 UKSCA conference.


 My philosophies place emphasis on providing a multidisciplinary approach to gymanst care. I promote independence, self-discipline, self-discovery and autoregulation in youths with an emphasis on producing balanced, confident, healthy young adults in addition to high-level, robust, self-motivated athletes.

I love learning from people from all disciplines & strongly believe you should never stop learning, thinking or exploring. 

My interest in gymnastics began when my children started gymnastics. Watching the gymnasts I was struck by their level of strength & power required in addition to vast technical skills, upon absorbing myself into the gymnastics world, was surprised by how little research, time and knowledge goes into strength and conditioning in gymnastics compared to the hours spent technical training.  Furthermore,  I witnessed how much of an impact an appropriate s&c program appeared to have on the gymnasts.

I currently work with a variety of age and ability gymnasts, from elite national squad to club competition level and enjoy working alongside the gymnastics coaches to implement screening and assessment procedures and strength and power programs for gymnasts.